Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's time for new questions!

Ok, everyone!  Now I want to know, for those of you who were induced with any pregnancy, I want to know about your outcomes.  First, was it your first baby or not?  Did you have a medical need for the induction or was it elective?  How long was your labor?  Did you request or require any medical interventions, such as pitocin, epidural, stadol, etc... Did your delivery require instrumental assistance, such as vaccum, forceps, or cesarean birth?  Did your provider (MD or Midwife) give you any education, informed consent, or choice in the matter prior to your induction?
Please note that no one is judging, I am just getting some information together to see if my results share any connection to the info I'm gathering in my research.  I appreciate any and all of your responses, you are invaluable!


  1. Okay, here you go:
    Induced with first baby at 40 0/7 with cytotec
    NSVD 6 hours after SROM, 4 hours of active labor
    9 lbs 0 oz
    Elective (holidays, suspected macrosomia, midwife going on vacation...I know, I know...not the right reasons, but it all worked out)
    Epidural at 4 cm, delivery within 1 1/2 hours
    No pitocin, only 2 doses of cytotec
    3rd degree with bilateral sulcus lacs and retained placental fragments with curettage :(
    Yes, I had informed consent and I am a midwife, so I knew what I was getting into

    While many would look at my birth experience and feel that it was horrible or negative, I was surrounded by people that loved and cared about me, gave birth with most of my wishes/requests honored, and had the most gorgeous BIG girl! I look back on that time with very fond memories and smiles!

  2. Beth Kamprath, age29. G2P2.

    My first baby was born at 40 2/7 was 9lbs and 22inches. NSVD, no pitocin, srom, one dose of stadol. It was a boy, Andrew. Second time around at 40 1/7 I called and begged my midwife to induce me with my second baby.

    I was dilated 4cm already and I measured an abdominal girth of 42cm. Arom and pitocin at 40 2/7 wks. 4 hour labor. One dose of stadol to get me through transition. NSVD, intact perineum. Female, Hannah.

    I work as a labor nurse and knew what I was asking for. I felt informed and grateful to have my midwife accept my request for induction. Pitocin felt paralizing. I couldn't move around freely like I did before with natural labor. Just to turn from side to side in bed was nearly impossible. The pain never stopped. The contractions never ceased between allowing relaxing and recovery time to next awful one. Fearing that my second baby would be just as big and post dates I elected for this induction. Maybe I have sensitive pitocin receptors because they started out hard and eventually got so hard I couldn't even move between contractions to get comfortable. I only needed 4mu/min to get to complete and delivery. I asked for an epidural at complete and had to push instead. She was 7lb12oz, 14.25 inch head :(.

    I was glad to experience birthing a child again but induction felt much less managable.

  3. Induced with both of my deliveries. First one, 4 cm dilated, AROM, pitocin, 1/2 dose of stadol, 3rd degree with episiotomy. <6 hours from time of admission to delivery. Didn't really know the ins and outs of induction, but was in my last semester of nursing school. Was induced because school started within 3 days of due date....was 39+ wks. Delivered a 7lb boy with a 14 1/2 in head. Second delivery was elected induction. Was 4cm, thinned out, AROM, pitocin, <6 hours after admission, delivered. 2nd degree/episiotomy. Delivered an 8# 3 oz girl. Didn't get stadol this time because it was worthless the first time. Never wanted an epidural with either delivery. Also forgot to mention that my inductions were also scheduled because my doctor was on call. If I had to do it all over again, I would, but I didn't have horrible labors/deliveries either.

  4. OK Sis...
    I am not a nurse so forgive the lay person lingo. Had picture perfect first pregnancy until 39 weeks 4/7 appt. BP through roof, let me stay at home on bed rest, that I didn't follow to a T, but I was being watched by Patrick and Mom in law. Went in 39 6/7 and they said see you at 4p. Do you want to be induced or c - section. Dr. Bradley went over everything and I felt very informed and supported. I opted to be induced, started with cervidil(sp) at 6pm. Started contracting within the hour. Very mild. Got to 2cm by 6am. At 7a started pitocin and got epidural/spinal combination. Had rough go of it with getting epidural and at 10th try they got it. Slept for a couple of hours and was at 4.5cm by 1p. At 4p still at 4.5 and by 5p started having fetal distress. Again very informed during all of this process and for a small town hospital I was impressed especially with a Nurse for a sister who was on phone with us throughout this time. :-) By 5:15 I was handed shot and Patrick scrubs and we were off to delivery, I had a vertical section due to my weight, I call crap and so does Doc up here, but none the less I had a beautiful baby boy at 5:58pm on our due date. Cameron was 6lbs 9oz and 19 1/2 in. His cord was small and he didn't want to drop.
    I felt not only informed by Doctor but was blessed to have you for a sister who gave support but shared your knowledge. This was first pregnancy. Had a second section 9mos ago. You were with us, again felt informed. Totally different experience. If I had to do it all over again, not much I could change with Camerons birth but with my second I almost wish I would have had a vbac, which was an option, non medicated and with a mid wife. My biggest fear was that I would labor again for 23 hours and end up in the O.R. I hope this helps.

  5. Allison, Age 21 1/0
    Elective induction due to husband madatory overtime at work.
    Admitted at 7 already 3cm dilated. AROM at 7:30 followed by pit. Got to room at Noon, by 1300 I was dilated to 5-6 and had epidural. Heart rate started dropping. Amnioinfusion attempted with no success. dilated to 6cm.....Emergency c-section with birth of 6lb 9oz baby girl at 3:18.